The handling of fish

This is how you put back large pike-perch and other fish

  1. Pliers/peang may be useful.
  2. Use a net without knots and rubberised, when landing fish. Do not use a gaff.
  3. An alternative way is to use a a lip grip. It has the functions of a carpenter’s pliers and can be bought in fishing shops. The disadvantage is that the fish is held vertically which means that intestines and roe may sink downward. Avoid therefore to handle large fish or roe filled fish with a lip grip. When using a lip grip it should be able to rotate as large fish easily pivot.
  4. If you need to lift the fish, take hold of the tail coil and support the fish underneath by the pectoral fins. Do not squeeze the belly of the fish. The same rules apply when taking photografs of the fish.
  5. Weighing of fish should be done in special weighing sacks which can be bought in fishing shops, but an IKEA bag works just as well. Weighing large fish such as pike should be weighed horisontally.
  6. When dehooking the fish you should use a dehooking mat to avoid injuring the fish. Alternatively you can use a sleeping pad wrapped in a large plastic bag. On moist bedding such as moss you may put the fish directly on the ground. If possible the fish should be handled in the shadow as they are very sensitive to light.
  7. Make sure that hands and bedding are moist when you handle the fish. Damaged fish scale can make the fish sensitive to parasites and infections.
  8. Re-setting of fish should be done with haste. Fish hare very sensitive to dehydration.
  9. It is important to think about that drilling in warm water increases the risks for the fish.
  10. If the fish is tired, artificial respiration may be used. The fish should be taken forward in the water so as to increase the flowing of oxygen passed the gills. Do not however pull the fish back and forth as this can damage their gills. Wait until the fish starts to wriggle before letting it go.
  11. Some species of fish, mainly perchfish such as perch and pike-perch are sensitive to changes of pressure. Mortality with these increases dramatically if they are caught in waters deeper than ten meters. Therefore you should avoid fishing in deeper waters.
  12. During winter you must make sure that fish that should be re-set, that this is done before the watery membrane which covers the eyes of the fish, freezes.

Fishing card requirements

To be allowed to fish in Bolmen you need a fishing licence permit. This can be bought digitally or at one of our retailers and are available for a day, a week, a month or alicence permit for a whole year.

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